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Business fencing is a contact form of relaxation addressed to business people and people subjected to long-term stress. To win, as in business, a swordsman must think faster and perceive more and more accurately than his competitor. Both the personality traits and the temperament affect the style and tactics of a given swordsman as well as the management style.


Choosing the right action is probably the most basic tactical skill of a swordsman and manager. It is associated with risk, speed and accuracy of perception, a sense of surprise and various properties of attention (level of concentration, scope, selectivity, divisibility, shiftability).


Fencing is not only a form of physical activity but above all mind development. It shapes the strength of character, teaches strategic planning and allows you to comprehensively assess your opponent. That is why until the mid-20th century it was widely used in diplomacy.


If you are an individual, you work in business and are looking for an interesting form of physical activity as well as stress relief. Buisness fencing is just for you.


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