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Each training is conducted with a focus on individual treatment of each participant in accordance with his level of advancement, character, temperament, body shape and personality type.

Each meeting takes place in accordance with an individually tailored training plan aimed at achieving rapid progress by the student and consists of the following elements:


Warm-up: an element of general strength and stretching training shaping the body's endurance capabilities and stimulating the appropriate muscle parts.


Leg work: one of the most important parts of fencing training. It shapes the possibilities of assessing distance and its use in combat, as well as stability and dynamics of movement depending on the type of weapon used. In every combat sport it is a fundamental part of sparring.


Working with weapons: (the so-called lesson) classes with the trainer improving the posture, fencing moves and actions, correctness of conducting cuts (thrusts), taking parrys, preparation for sparring.


Sparring: for advanced: fencing fights in pairs, checking acquired skills.


Our goal is to teach fencing techniques enabling real combat also in the context of self-defense.


The trainings are conducted individually and for groups in the form of seminars.


Recurring seminars are held on weekends. Each seminar consists of two parts:


a) a multimedia presentation about the history of the saber enriched by the presentation of techniques characteristic of the Polish crucifix live


b) workshops at various levels


It is possible to organize individual and group seminars in other places and dates depending on the expectations of the customer and according to arrangements


If you are interested in the history of Polish weapons and want to learn the secrets of saber fencing - Polish cross cutting Art, please contact us!


Melee weapons have no secrets for us. If you are interested in fencing other European weapons and want to know more, call!