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In the history of theatrical performances, fencing scenes are still present although they differ from those from one hundred or two hundred years ago. The theater changes and the viewer more often demands artistic realism just like in the cinema. Parodies of fencing scenes similar to those found in Molière's plays during the author's lifetime no longer amuse anyone.

Professional approach and fencing knowledge are appreciated in relation to choreography of fencing scenes occurring in theatrical arrangements. Professionalism is a feature that we value especially.

It is he who causes that our fencing choreographies can be seen on the boards of Warsaw theaters. Among the artists who entrusted us with the preparation of choreography are, among others, Andrzej Seweryn in the play "King Richard II" by William Shakespeare staged at the National Theater in Warsaw or Maciej Englert in "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare at the Warsaw Contemporary Theater.


Theater is not just choreography. An example of this is our several years of cooperation with the Współczesny Theater in conducting thematic workshops for actors using fencing elements. The aim of the workshop is to improve verbal and motor skills and control of emotions.