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In recent years, our knowledge about the technique of saber fencing in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth has significantly expanded. International cooperation with people full of passion in searching for source materials regarding the Eastern saber fencing and the possibility of translating these professional texts from Old German, Italian, Spanish or Persian made it possible to undertake a comprehensive reconstruction of this type of fencing. As a result of comprehensive work, we have reconstructed the training system and methodology. As a result, after nearly 200 years, we received an extremely attractive image of the Old Polish swordmanship  called the "Cross Cutting Art".


Interest in this topic is so great both in Poland and abroad that there was a need to share this knowledge in the form of a comprehensive seminar.


It is conducted according to the following scheme:


- History of saber and fighting stick (Palcat) in Europe with particular emphasis on old Poland (lecture)

- Differences and similarities in the technique of using a saber in western Europe and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (presentation)

- Practical classes to familiarize with various saber techniques, with particular emphasis on the Polish school.


Seminars can be organized in various places in the country and abroad as expected by the organizer.

When organizing a seminar by sieniawski-fencing, we have an object with a hotel, a training room and full board near Warsaw.


The seminar can be extended to include artistic (film, theater) fencing.

If you can work hard, expect a professional approach, real results and satisfaction, contact us!