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Many years of our hard work and as a result the experience gained in reconstruction of fencing with various types of melee weapons was used in film productions. The most important of them was the development of fencing scenes in the Polish super-production "Fire and Sword" and choreography of all fight scenes in the latest production of Jerzy Hoffman "The Battle of Warsaw 1920 "Realized in 3D technology with photos by Sławomir Idziak.

Our goal is to take action in the field of film fencing aimed at maintaining its artistic attractiveness while maintaining historical accuracy in the use of various types of European melee weapons.


We offer:


- Fencing and historical consultation.


- Professional preparation of actors and stunt groups.


- Creating individual and collective combat scenes in accordance with the specificity of the use of particular types of melee weapons.


- Developing combat choreography in relation to the director's script and vision.

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