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A fencer, trainer, rider, actor, film and theater consultant for years associated with fencing sections of the Legia Club and currently the Integrating Sports Club - AWF.

He collaborated with scientists and eminent swordsmen and trainers: Wojciech Zabłocki, Andrzej Przeździecki, Marek Poznański, and Marian Sypniewski. He was associated with the Polish Army Representative Center. He appeared before representatives of European royal families, NATO and the diplomatic corps. Expert in European fencing treaties.


He is a choreographer and trainer who director Jerzy Hoffman entrusted with preparing actors and fencing scenes in Polish super-productions "Fire and Sword" and "Battle of Warsaw 1920", and Andrzej Seweryn in the play "King Richard II" by William Shakespeare staged at the National Theater in Warsaw.


Scenographer and author of many scenarios of historical performances of the Napoleonic era.

Decorated with the Silver Cross of Merit for his contribution in the area of ​​promoting historical reconstruction and preserving national heritage.


Currently working with sons - Bartosz and Krzysztof